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Preparing for Exam 98-375 HTML 5 App Development Fundamental

Preparing for Exam 98-375 HTML5 App Development Fundamental:(06)Summarize and prepare for the Exam.
If you're taking the 98-375: HTML5 App Development Fundamentals MTA exam, this HTML training can help you prepare. Begin with a discussion of exam expectations and frequently asked questions about the process. Then, explore introductory concepts for Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. To learn more about HTML fundamentals and how to be successful on the exam, be sure to take this course.

Review the topics covered in this course,and get addition tips to prepare for the exam.

[03:30] - Assembling the pieces.
[05:43] - Exam preparation tips.

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Full course outlines.

➤Mod (01): Identify Exam Exceptions
➤Mod (02): Build the User Interface
➤Mod (03): Format the User Interface
➤Mod (04): Code by Using JavaScipt
➤Mod (05): Manage the App Life Cy…
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Preparing for Exam 98-375 : HTML 5 App Development Fundamentals

Preparing for Exam 98-375 : HTML5 App Development Fundamentals:(04) Code by Using JavaScript

Learn to make your HTML application interactive using JavaScript.

[02:40] - JavaScript Fundamentals 
[13:42] - Update UI  Elements
[22:53] - Create and Use Function 
[31:55] - Manipulate Graphics 
[38:31] - Respnd to Touch Interface

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Preparing for Exam 98-35 App Development fundamental

Preparing for Exam 98-375 App development Fundamentals: (03) Format the User Interface


Get the details on Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) Used  to Format the User Interface of an HTML 5 Application.

[02:20]: CSS Syntax.
[05:02]: Demo: Creating Inline CSS.embeded CSS ,and linking a style sheet.
[22:34]: Demo: Rounding corners using CSS and adding transparency using CSS. 
[36:58]: Transformation, Transition,Typography.

Full Course Outline:

Mod 01: Identify Exam Expectation
Mod 02:Build the User Interface
Mod 03:Format the User Interface
Mod 04:Code by using JavaScript
Mod 05:Manage the App Life Cycle
Mod 06:Summarize and prepare for the Exam 

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Preparing for Exam 98-375: HTML 5 App Development fundamental

Preparing for Exam 98-375 HTML 5 App Development Fundamental : (02) Build the User Interface


Learn about the concept of Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) used to create the user interface of an HTML 5 Application.

[9:49]: Displaying Text.
[21:54] : Displaying Graphics.
[25:06] : Playing Media.
[27:00] : Organizing Content.

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Preparing for Exam 98-375 App Development Fundamental

➤Preparing for Exam 98-375 :HTML 5 App Development Fundamental :(01) Identity Exam Expectations.
 Get an introduce to the course, and explore some frequently asked question about the exam certification experience.

➤[7:35]   : How is the exam scored?
➤[10:33] : What is the exam format?
➤[15:36] : When and where i can take the exam ?
➤[18:22] : Why should i take this exam ?


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